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Feeling Emotional?!

Am I the only one? Please tell me I'm not the only one. Seems like I am one big box of crayons, pulling out a different color every minute. On one big roller coaster, up and down. A clock with the second hand changing every second. 

Happy, sad, excited, discouraged, joyful, depressed, at peace, worried. The emotions, they.never.stop. 

A few nights ago, we had a ladies meeting at our church. We call it the pentecostal walk, we begin talking inside while we are sitting. We get up and talk standing. We move it to the door, talk a little more, lock up, and chat in the parking lot. 

So two of my closest friends and I had finally made it to the parking lot. And we started talking about the many things we have going on in our lives. And about the emotional roller coaster.

One of my friends says, "You know, I think God giggles at us ladies sometimes, because He is looking at us saying, 'I made you that way.'"

I know it got my other friends wheels turning, and obvioulsy it did mine too, because here I am writing about it. Sometimes we feel like we are crazy because of the way we feel. Or we feel like we are the only ones feeling that way, so something must be wrong with us. 

One of the men in our church has this saying, that I have picked up and use often. The (input whatever your situation is here, could be the world, the voices in my head, etc.) says..... BUT the TRUTH is......


So that's what we are going to do here:


The lies in my head tell me that I am crazy for being an emotional roller coaster, but the TRUTH is that God made me to have emotions. Should I let them go crazy all the time and let it get out of hand? No. But is it normal to have to different feelings in the same minute? Yes. We are human. Or I should probably say, we are women. But in that moment when we begin to get overwhelmed by all of the emotion, or feeling crazy for having so any emotions. We have to stop. Breathe. and take it to God. 

We recently put an offer in on some land. It was kind of a crazy situation and I will spare you with all of the boring details, but it got accepted after a couple of months. So, my husband and I decided to put our house on the market, just to see what happened. It sold. In two weeks. Talk about a roller coaster of emtions. Excited. Sad.  Relieved. Stressed. It just rocked back and forth between the four. Excited because we were going to get to build again. Sad because this was the first house wer built and my youngest had been born here and we loved this house. Relieved because due to a huge change of life events (which is an entire story in itself), it would put us in a much better position finacially. Stressed, because all the stressful memories from building this house came flooding back to memory. And- it meant living in a camper for a while.

Yes. All of these memories, emotions, thoughts, they happened in a matter of minutes. Am I crazy? I dont think so. (Not for this reason anyways!!) I think that we as women want to be rational about things, but we definitely let emotions get involved. But you know what, thats ok. Because God made us that way. 

As long as we always depend on Him, in the trying, the overwhelming times. If we just take it to Him. Even thought the emotions, the feelings, the may bounce back and forth like one of those bouncy balls you get from a quarter machine. We must catch that thing, and hand it over to God. 

We as women, have to stop thinking that something is wrong with us because we aren't like everyone else. Because we are back and forth and dont always have it together . It's ok to not have it together sometimes. Just make sure you go to the one who can put it all back together. 


"From the end of the earth I will cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed:lead me to the rock that is hugher than I." Psalm 61:2


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