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I felt like the Lord laid this on my heart a couple of weeks ago as I was desperately praying about a situation in my life. I was needing direction ...been needing direction... I even did a short devotion on it...honestly, I felt like I was going ok in that area! I was praying for the Lord to open and shut doors in that situation, determining to wait and trust that God would in fact do that exact thing in His perfect timing.... fast forward two weeks. Another situation I’ve been praying about for around 2 years came up in conversation with my husband. I completely got frustrated about the whole situation, upset that I felt like the Lord was giving me nothing And I felt like I had come up with a solution and answer. You see I get in these “funks” we will call them, where all I can see is what I want, where it’s about me. Where God isn’t giving ME the answer that I am wanting to hear. There are times I’m good at being patient and trusting and then times when I get in the “funk” husband being the amazing man that he is, will remind me that I need to be patient and remind me of things I have said when I’m not in my “funk”...which quite frankly, makes me mad 🙈 ...later I was in the shower thinking through things and the thought, comes to mind.... my anger begins to diffuse. Pray.Wait.Trust.  Yes, I need to do that same thing in this situation... you see, God is SO good, He is so patient, and SO kind. My church knows, because I admit it to them all the time, that sometimes, I am such a brat. Yet still..... He is so good, so patient, SO kind....amidst my selfishness ... and just gently reminds me to Pray. Wait.Trust.

So I’m doing my best...I’m praying, waiting, and trusting. 

Won’t He Do It?! 

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