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Not MY will?!


Do you ever pray, giving God options?! I need you to either this or this. Please do it, Lord. One or the other. Here are your options. I need you to do it this way or this way would be okay too. But it MUST be one or the other. ....No? Maybe I’m the only one?! ... So many times I think I “know” how situations need to work out. So that’s how I pray.


You see recently we had put an offer in on some land. The offer was verbally accepted. The plan was to sell and use our equity to rebuild {cheaper house payment}. So we decided to go ahead and put the house up for know, it takes time to sell, or does it?! Our beautiful home {that we had built 6 years previously} sold in two weeks😳 Do you hear me? Two weeks. It was like a whirlwind of packing and trying to figure out where we were going and when the land was going to come through. We ended up moving into our churches Evangelist Quarters {a one bedroom efficiency apartment- no kitchen or washer & dryer} with our 3 kids. A blessing to have for a minute. We wouldn’t be there long, the land deal had to start moving soon...right? So I started praying. “Lord, please let these people call on this land. I’d really like to have it by at November, but I’d be okay if we just at least get this process started. You got this Lord! I’m ready for this land.” 3 weeks later we get a call and start moving on the land. 4 weeks and we are in the title office about to sign on the land!!  You heard me Lord!! Then the building process could begin and we would at least see progress of a house! ...nope. It fell through, in the title office, with my hopes soaring... “Wait, Lord, this isn’t what I asked for. No more time. We need it now. We need this land.”  I won’t go into the details of what happened ...because there are a lot of very frustrating details. Little signs that had been popping up along the way.  My husband was supposed to call back and discuss something and it came to my attention, that maybe we weren’t meant to have that land. Maybe there was something better.... so I began praying.. “Lord, your will. Shut the door if this isn’t right. I don’t want to be somewhere I’m not supposed to be. Even if it’s what I so desperately want, if it’s not what I need...your will...”  that sounds familiar... isn’t there a prayer ....

 “After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.” Matthew‬ ‭6:9-10‬ ‭

 The Lord’s Prayer... “after this manner pray ...” “thy will be done...”

 Who do I think I am giving God choices?! He already has my life mapped out and sees all... and here I am over here giving Him choices. When if I would but trust in Him, knowing He always has my best interests at heart! “Lord, your will....”


We have by the way...signed a contract on an older home and we are going to remodel it. We are still on the search for land, BUT right now, this is what God has for us. And even though it’s not exactly what I want or what I had planned, it’s ok. {God’s helping me to be ok with it at least lol} We are being led by Him. Letting Him open and shut the doors. Letting Him lead the way .... His will. His way. My Faith.

  • Laura Williams on

    I enjoyed reading your blog. Testing of our faith and coming to the realization that it can only be right when it’s his will and not ours. I imagine that at some point or another each of us has approached our pray with “giving the Lord OUR options”. So good that he knows us each and works with us til we get it right….in his will.

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