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One Word for the New Year!! 2020

I’ve always wanted one word for the year. You know, people say, “God gave me this one word for the New Year.” I’ve prayed, Lord, give me one word! I’ve never gotten just one word. It’s always more. But as I was praying one day around Christmas, God spoke a word to my heart. I wasn’t praying for a word, and didn’t even connect it at first as my word for the New Year.




Yes, Lord, I want to serve. I want to serve in the ministry to which you’ve called us. I want to serve the people. I want to serve the community, I want to serve those around me. I want to serve the people who are hurting. I want to serve the lost. I want to serve the broken. Yes, Lord, I want to serve.


You see, this is my desire, and to do even more of it, and be better at it, this new year. So maybe this was my one word I had been looking and asking about for years!


I went on with my prayer excited that I had my one word for the new year and I was going to tackle it! It was one word that I could chew on, that I could pray about, that I could set focus on achieving. This years goal was going to be a touchdown! 


A day or two later I was sitting on the bed shipping (your stuff!!!😃🥰) and they Lord dropped something in my heart that kind of just stopped me in my tracks.


Yes, Lord, I heard you say serve. You see, I’m going to!! I’m going to serve to the best of my ability..................


....A tap on the heart....”You do serve, I see you serve, but not always with the right heart or attitude. I want you to serve, serve as I served, serve always out of love, serve with no desires of being served, serve with an open heart, serve with a joyful attitude, serve faithfully, serve wholeheartedly.”


Me: **silent, can hear my own heart beating**


The Lord: “Serve.”


Me: tears...with a new heart, with a whole new vision and meaning of the word serve...... “Yes, Lord, I will serve. I will do my best to serve in love, to serve and not want to be served, to serve with my whole heart... to serve like Jesus.”


My word(s) for 2020: Jesus.

{maybe just one word next year?!}


  • Lisa McEntyre on

    Callie you have a servants heart! I’m standing in prayer with you. The kind of service you are talking about can not be done unless lead by Jesus. I know he leads you daily and I love the heart he has given you. Love you and Matthew and keeping your family in my prayers. P.s. I can’t find the purses on website. Love Aunt Lisa

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